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Highly motivated team who offers you efficient best-in-class services

Accounting and tax professionals from different countries

Specialists in local and international questions of accounting and taxation

Highly efficient, internationally and locally experienced, best-trained and trustworthy staff.


Long standing experience with VAT due to presence in VAT countries for more than 30 years.

More than 30 years of VAT experience in Europe and Sales Tax in Asian countries

Our vision is to make your business more successful by relieving you from administrative tasks, leaving you more time for business development, and to provide you with reliable financial reports to base your decisions upon and to satisfy external stakeholders like licensing bodies, tax authorities, shareholders, business partners etc.

To relentlessly deliver accurate accounting and bookkeeping reports and high quality business advisory services.


To understand the needs of an organization and competence of the people behind it, thereby creating an advanced business structure which will increase the value of the business.

Arvis Advisory Services DMCC offers a wide range of Accounting and Management services. We not only provide the products and services, but we also offer out commitment and high level of competence in business and accounting services globally.


We are always focused on providing comprehensive and reliable solutions to our clients in the following areas:

Accounting and Bookkeeping


  • Preparation of Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets, including


  • Detailed Fixed Assets listing.
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable listing.
  • Bank Reconciliation and cash book maintenance.
  • Liaising with auditors and clearing audit queries.


  • Payroll services.
  • Analyses and Management Reports.



  • VAT registration and preparation.
  • Filing VAT returns.
  • Consult on VAT issues.

Structuring  & Re-structuring of an organization

Workflow analysis & operations re-designing

International accounting and financial reporting services

VAT services

Value Added Tax (VAT)


  • All member countries from the GCC aim to implement VAT, effective from January 1, 2018 after having the GCC VAT framework signed earlier this year. The framework articulates regulations to be followed by the member countries under the VAT guidelines.
  • VAT Implementation requires involvement from the entire organization because of the impact it has across the entire organization.


Expected road blocks


  • Lack of familiarity with VAT rules & regulations.
  • Structure and Compliance issues.
  •  Lack of resources (Availability of experts and competent staff).
  •  Lack of a robust book keeping system.

Who can or will be able to register for VAT?


A business must register for VAT if their taxable supplies and imports exceed the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000.


Furthermore, a business may choose to register for VAT voluntarily if their supplies and imports are less than the mandatory registration threshold, but exceed the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500.


Similarly, a business may register voluntarily if their expenses exceed the voluntary registration threshold. This latter opportunity to register voluntarily is designed to enable start-up businesses with no turnover to register for VAT.


Categories of Goods & Services in VAT

Supplies (Goods And Services)

Taxable Supplies

Exempted Supplies

Standard/Full Rated

Zero Rated

  • Management of Companies


Please be advised that Arvis Advisory Services DMCC can suggest and recommend third party providers who can assist in advising, implementing and providing the following services which are not undertaken directly by ourselves


  • Audit - qualified UAE DMCC Audit partner
  • Business/Company Setup

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We provide our customers with a full range of leading edge services in accounting services and business management in various fields.


Arvis offers clients accounting services with the overview of a CPA at competitive prices.

Arvis can prepare budgets and accounts utilizing the latest version of accounting software and spreadsheets.


This will ensure that the clients always have access to timely and efficiently prepared accounts and that the clients’ internal control system is properly functioning and maintained.


We offer our clients the following:


  • Competitive prices
  • Latest accounting systems
  • Most effective business strategies
  • Commitment, integrity and professionalism